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    The All-Electric 500 is embedded with a full range of state-of-the-art connectivity features, both onboard and offboard, including a dedicated mobile app. The FIAT app lets you manage the All-Electric 500 anytime and anywhere. Discover all the features.


    Connect Entry (free for 10 years): My Assistant

    Connect Pack (free for 6 months, then subscription): My Remote, My Car and My Navigation

    Connect Plus (Add-on subscription): My Alert


    My Assistant help you stay safe wherever you go. Contact a dedicated assistant or request roadside assistance directly from the vehicle's touchscreen or through the FIAT app. You can even make emergency calls through the ceiling light* of the All-Electric Fiat 500.

    *The emergency call is not available from the vehicle’s touchscreen or through the FIAT app 


    My Remote allows you to interact with All-Electric Fiat 500 directly from your smartphone and learn how to improve your driving. The app gives you an Eco-Score, as well as tips on how to maximise your battery’s charge. My Remote also lets you lock and unlock the doors, check the status of your windows, start or stop the engine and check the charging level. Plus, it's easy to set and schedule the air conditioning before you get in, and remotely control the vehicle's charging. You can also activate all of this with the voice-activated, at-home digital assistant.

    MY CAR

    Ever wonder what's happening under the hood? No worries! My Car gives you real-time information about the status of your Fiat, including tyre pressure, odometer, and maintenance updates. Simply open the FIAT app or use the onboard radio display.


    Reaching your destination has never been so easy. Use My Navigation to share your destination from your FIAT app to your vehicle with a simple tap. Now featuring the latest in electric routing, you’ll receive tips and recommendations about electric charging along your route. Onboard your All-Electric 500, the infotainment display shows your route, live traffic and weather updates, speed camera notifications and the range availability of your vehicle – plus, it’ll tell you exactly which destinations you can reach with your remaining range.

    MY WI-FI

    With My Wi-Fi*, keep in touch with your digital world. With My Wi-Fi service, the All-Electric 500 will become a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can connect to up to 8 devices. With a free trial period, you and your travel companions can surf online, listen and watch content, work in comfort and also use the Amazon Alexa voice assistant on board. 

    *My Wi-Fi is an optional service on the All-Electric 500.